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Your marriage will end in crisis if you don’t have sex before marriage – Brother Sammy


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Brother Sammy is a Ghanaian Gospel Artiste, Sammy said in an interview that couples must have had sex before getting married and that people willing to get married must first have sex before deciding on getting married.

According to Brother Sammy, abstinence isn’t for to-be couples is a big NO, he said pre-marital sex is one of the best systems that supports systems that lasts during marriage.

On the interview at Okay FM Sammy insisted that pre-marital sex must take place before any plans of getting married comes in and his reasons are;

He believes that one of the courses of unhappy marriages is because of pre-marital sex. 

He stated also that sex is an essential element in healthy marriages.

Therefore how will you know if you partner is compatible or hits your sexual desire? He said “i’m not saying people should have sex indiscriminately. But if you don’t have sex with your partner before marriage your marriage will fail.”

“Yes i’m a christian that is why i said is a difficult thing to say”. He continued.

Sexual frustrations are the reasons why people cheat on their wives with their exes, everyone has a peculiar sexual desire which needs to be satisfied. 

Men of today have their choices even before they step out to look for a date, every woman also know what they want. Women know they type of Penis they want (some like it long, others like it average etc.) so how will you know as to whether your partner orgasms quickly or not. 

If you marry him and he suffers pre-marital ejaculation you will run back to your Ex and the marriage will know No peace.

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Source: OKAY FM

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