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Young man, Watch your mouth D-Black Watns Kwadwo Sheldon


D-Black//Kwadwo Sheldon

Young man, Watch your mouth D-Black Watns Kwadwo Sheldon

D Black has cautioned Kwakwo Sheldon, the lumberjack, to be aware of his expressions, particularly those with regards to him (D Black)and his business. Chale! 

D Black has reacted to Kwadwo Sheldon’s  tweet that Ghanaians don’t owe Ghanaian performers anything. He reprimanded Kwadwo Sheldon for fiddling with issue where he has nothing to contribute, and no one has requested his viewpoint. 

He composed, 

“Young fellow If u don’t have productive analysis or positive commitments on how the industry can improve, and how we can take this higher, hush up about it. Nobody requested your viewpoint. you sound insolent when u talk. Watch ur mouth also g.” 

A few days prior, D Black began a discussion about Ghanaians supporting their melodic demonstrations. He uncovered that out of the main 20 tunes played in Ghana, 18 has Nigerian starting points. While certain individuals were on the side of his declarations.

Others like Kwadwo Sheldon thought requesting support was a bit entitling, particularly when his club plays more Nigerian than Ghanaian songs.

The tweet

Source; Ghanaweb

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