You don’t always need penetration to reach orgasm – Dzifa Sweetness to GH men

While speaking witho Adwen the Love Doctor, she stated that foreplay is critical during intimacy, and foreplay itself entails a variety of activities. When done properly, she claims, these things can induce orgasm without requiring a person to engage in the act of sex.

“When it comes to foreplay, take your time,” the sex coach advised. You must be patient with each area of your partner’s body. If you’re an expert at giving head, take your time and do it well; she may even reach for an orgasm as a result. Avoid hasty penetration”.

Dzifa stated that foreplay is not just for women because men, too, require orgasm, which does not have to be sexual. “When your man is playing with your body during foreplay, even your response to his touch can cause him to reach orgasm,” she hinted.

The sex coach stated that while orgasm can occur without sex, sex without foreplay will only result in burns and irritations to both the man and woman’s private areas, with a slim chance of reaching orgasm.



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