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Whistleblower: Facebook chose profit over public safety – Does why they are on outage

An information researcher who was uncovered Sunday as the Facebook informant says that at whatever point there was a contention between the public great and what helped the organization, the online media monster would pick its own advantages.

Frances Haugen was recognized in a “hour” talk with Sunday as the one who secretly documented grumblings with government law requirement that the organization’s own exploration shows how it amplifies disdain and deception.

Haugen, who worked at Google and Pinterest prior to joining Facebook in 2019, said she had requested to work in a space of the organization that battles falsehood, since she lost a companion to online paranoid fears.

“Facebook, again and again, has shown it picks benefit over wellbeing,” she said. Haugen, who will affirm before Congress this week, said she trusts that by approaching the public authority will set up guidelines to administer the organization’s exercises.



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