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The sorrowful life of Dhat Gyal, Life in the ghetto led to weed addiction


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A couple of years back, a rising star became famous online and everybody thought she would have been the new dancehall sensation in the Ghana, yet out of nowhere she failed into the nightfall, and very little was heard from her. 


Her name is Ernestina Afari, known as Dhat Gyal on stage. She had been able to stand out enough to be noticed with her novel voice and furious mentality. She did covers and mashups of famous melodies and it was supposed at a point she would have been endorsed by Zylofon media. 

Dhat Gyal was set to do extraordinary endeavors, yet she gradually eliminated herself from the spotlight and that was that. In any case, it turns out the poor young lady was going through a great deal, and without legitimate direction in our cold media, she surrendered to sorrow. 

Okay FM uncovered Dhat Gyal and got her to reveal her story. It is a story so miserable that she was in tears the entire time she was describing it. 

okay fm

After the heartbreaking loss of her mom when she was just 15 by a reckless traveler in an auto collision, a shocking series of occasions saw her in Dome Nsamanpuom (the base camp of Ras Kuuku’s Puom development) as a ghetto young lady carrying on with the road life. 

She engaged with companions who acquainted her with smoking weed and different indecencies, which she ultimately got dependent on. Through her wanderings in the city, she met with her Boss Jeremiah Adjei who did what he could to get her where she should have been. 

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Similarly as her recordings were making her mainstream and the world was readily available, somebody who thought about her tricks in the roads made presents to uncover her way of life. This drove her into serious gloom and she in the end avoided the spotlight. 

A tragic story to be sure. Dhat Gyal is a really skilled young lady and it is endearing to see her get all the help she requires.

Source: Okay Fm

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