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The new Starboi Disco Rebrands as Eddie Burna


Eddie Burna

Eddie Burna, afore time STARBOI DISCO mulled over on rebranding himself lastly agreed to the Handel – Eddie Burna as his expert and stage name in the Music business.

Eddie Burna born EDMUND BUGRE really made it simple and shrewd on going for that stage name. In his day by day living climate and local area (NABDAM-UER,GHANA) everywhere, when you notice ‘Eddie’, it rings a bell – anybody would consider STARBOI DISCO first. A significant number of his fans lean toward ‘Eddie’ to STARBOI DISCO which they guarantee ‘STARBOI’ is extremely normal and that additional up in pushing him to go for ‘Eddie’. His Sir name BUGRE which has something to do with ‘fire’ in his instincts figured it insightful to go for ‘Burna’ since he expressively ‘consumes’ the mic in music recording studios.

Eddie Burna, STARBOI DISCO obviously exchanged his expert name when he likewise understood the last would be hard to sell and surprisingly decreasing his Brand’s worth. Isn’t ‘Marking’ fundamental?

STARBOI DISCO now EDDIE BURNA is the cutting edge star at STARNATION MUSIC, a record name claimed by him. And keeping in mind that ending up in the Music business, Eddie Burna is an understudy too, as of now in the KNUST-GHANA perusing a four-year Degree in Bachelors of science and arithmetic.

Eddie Burna got two or three melodies, recordings, components, and coordinated efforts with remarkable artists and are on numerous music streaming platforms and has won a few Awards in the Upper East Region,Ghana.

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