Teachers and nursing trainees allowances to be cancelled, Expert gives reasons

The execution of understudies recompense has been a recipient and it support understudies learning in the country, as per a ton of exploration and exhaustive examination made demonstrate that Nursing and Teacher Trainees Allowance will be dropped in 2022 barring taking care of part, taking care of part will in any case be delivered to the different schools and establishments to plan supper for the Trainees.

Government has made it clear to the public that the nation is going through numerous challenges as far as monetary issues because of this, the public authority think that it is hard to pay Nurses and Teacher Trainees Allowance on schedule.

Government is thinking about to pay the leftover 2021 recompense obligation which he is possessing Nurses and Teacher Trainees in the year and this could be last installment of remittance to Trainees.

All Nurses and Teacher Trainees have exposed observer that this scholastic year 2021 installment of stipend has been in portions as government consistently attempt to pay some part, this shows how hardships the public authority find in the installment cycle of the remittance.

I realize this data will be an inconvenience to Nurses and Teacher Trainees in the nation yet they should be quiet and expectation for changes in the closest future. This data is assembled by my serious examination and prescient fate of Students Allowance in 2022 as the nation is enduring monetarily in managing the installment of Nursing and Teacher Trainees Allowance in 2021.

Much thanks to you, yet stay quiet and remain cautiously optimistic.

Source: By Investigative Journalist: Ibrahim Ibn Abass Alonso, Sunyani Ghana.


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