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Stop the false teachings and be honest to your church members – Prophet Kumchacha



Prophet Kumchcha has advised men of God to let their members know that they are men first before the God part comes.

He revealed that some men of God give the impression that they are gods. And that is why members will get disappointed when they find out the truth.

Prophet Kumchacha made these revelations on United Showbiz as to why church members get disappointed and keep hopping from one church to another. He said that some preachers are living under false pretences and that is leading church members astray.

“Sometimes our members leave the church in our absence, and it’s our fault. It’s our fault because some of the teachings we give to our members are false. Me, as Prophet Kumchacha, I have a doctor, and I go to the hospital. And it is not everything that I address as a spiritual problem.”

There are pastors that even when they are sick, are shy to go to the hospital. Why? Because he has declared that the power that they possess is so strong that they never get sick.

So he has no use for a hospital. But you are human. And once you are human, you will fall sick. And so when a pastor is sick, he is embarrassed to go to the hospital then they are If members ask, they will say he is asleep.

He urged men of God to be honest about their humanity and let their members know that they are just as human as them.

He said, “Let your church members know that you are human. You eat and drink. You will fall sick and go to the hospital. Use all these instances as teachings. And let your church members know that you are not God. You are a human being.”

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Lastly, Prophet Kumchacha encouraged people to seek medical treatment when they feel unwell. He disclosed that taking medication does not rubbish faith or make you a bad Christian.

“Secondly, preach the gospel that would build the foundation of the church. So that when you travel abroad for even a year, attendance may be low, but the church would not collapse.

When I have headaches, it is not about prayers. I need medication. If I have a stomach upset, it is not about prayers. I need medication…” he concluded.

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