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UDS Tamale SRC Spends Ghc63,000+ On “Lovers Bench” Bus Terminal


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The Student Representative Council (SRC) and the National Union for Ghana Students (NUGS) of the University for Development Studies (UDS) is being blamed for theft in the wake of blowing a measure of Ghc63,175.47 on a transport terminal.

It is accounted for that the 2020/2021 SRC and NUGS teamed up to attempt this project. In an archive located by kwadwosheldon.com, the SRC burned through Ghc45,160.62 on 1 unit of “transport terminal.” A measure of Ghc18,014.85 on the manufacture and establishment of unwinding seats.

Netizens who have gone over the viral photograph discover the expense of the undertaking costly and are requiring a superior breakdown.

Source: Kwadwosheldon.com

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