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Sister Derby feels Medikal played with her emotions


sister derby x medikal x Sam George

During the disagreement between Medikal and her ex-girlfriend Sister Derby, Sam George forces in the topic about the anti gay bill.

Sam George in a tweet tagged Sister Derby as a back falling feeler who suffered open wounds and her Ex-boyfriend Medikal as a stupid and roasted artiste in his music career.

Sister Derby got so emotional and drop tears on a paper to the Member of Parliament for his uncalled profession. According to Sam George, he dissed Sister Derby because she called him a backslider. which he felt un-disrespected.

In reply or people say in defense he wrote “When throwing pebbles at me, expect rocks in return, She who sows a storm would be expecting a whirlwind.

In an angry mood, Sister Derby threw flash of fire back to Sam George saying his reply and insults were only as a result of his tweet and nothing else.

She tweeted “what be pebbles? you mean pebbles, no one is attacking you personally, i responded exactly to your tweets and nothing more, you are constantly being exposed of your sexist behavior and you are inappropriately accusing me of harassing Mp’s.

Read tweets below.

twitter of sister Derby and Sam George

Source: Tv3 News

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