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Shatta Wale gulps down sea water in Miami says it tastes …..


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The Dancehall King of Ghana and Africa, Shatta Wale causes social media stare over a video he released on his instagram page.

The Dancehall Artiste is said to be out on a tour in the United states of America, Miami to be precise, He visits the Miami Beach in Florida where he dipped his fingers in the sea water…

According to a video, Shatta Wale was spotted in a beach in Miami having fun, he said “The sea water of Miami tastes like sugar not like Ghana that it tastes like Salt.

This Musician alot of people says he ain’t got any serious, whilst and since he left the country Ghana for his tour has always been spotted vlogging on the streets creating comic video on social media, he spends more time in the restaurants giving foolish updates to his fans making awkward things.

Some people who have kept a keen view on the Artiste seems to be worried because Shatta Wale since to have lost his mind, he can’t display a sensible act of Modesty just like his partners.

This behaviour of his has cause insults ruining him by his fans.

Read some comments Below.

comments from Facebook
comments from Facebook
comments from Facebook

Source: Ghanaweb

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