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Serwaa Broni, alleged side chic of Nana Addo exp0ses their relationship, reveals his time with him at the hotel, private jet rides & other chilly details [Video]


A self-acclaimed side chic of Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo, Serwaa Broni has uncovered her secret relationship with him and dropped other cold subtleties.

As per her, the president has been making progresses towards her and had even gone above and beyond to uncover his unmistakable inclinations to her when they met in Toronto Canada. She said the President had been hassling her with the mean to meet her frantically.

At the point when they at long last met, she was unable to carry herself into terms with the way that the President needed to be in a passionate relationship with her which was the reason for their meeting.

Since he was out of the country, he was not continually in contact with the president.

Nonetheless, she added that the President was consistently anxious to meet her whenever she ventured down in Ghana.

Serwaa Broni said in a longish video that the president once sanctioned a personal jet for her from Kumasi to Accra since he needed her to be near her so they could live it up.

The president, as indicated by her, had needed her short-term with her at Kumasi during a memorial service he was welcomed by him to however she left to take care of a major problem in Accra.

During her brief time frame with Nana Akufo-Addo in the inn, Serwaa Broni said she chose to take a mirror selfie which got the President’s face reflected and caught in the shot.

As per her, she shared the photograph on Facebook and she was called by the President and National Security to pull it down since it could have desperate political ramifications.

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Serwaa Broni said despite the fact that she has never casted a ballot in Ghana, she has consistently been in contact with the President and despite the fact that he [Nana Akufo-Addo] has an excellent spouse, he has never avoided communicating his adoration for her.

She kept up with that she chose to remain quiet about the issues however in the completion of time, she has chosen to drop all the data about her covert relationship with the President.

Photographs have arisen of Serwaa Broni and Nana Addo in glad minutes which give some trustworthiness to her cases.

Was Nana Addo in a relationship with her before she met and wedded the First Lady? For what reason would he say he is keen on her even after that? How obvious are her cases? These of a portion of the inquiries on the personalities of many.

As indicated by sources, Serwaa Broni is notable among the NPP functionaries and many comprehend her relationship with the President.

She even talked for a long time about previous NPP MP Hopeson Adorye and the job he played in taking GHC20,000 back from her after a theft was organized.

Watch Video Below:


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