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Robots reassure humans at the First AI press conference


Standing or sitting next to their creators, robots responded to questions from reporters. They reaffirmed they in no way wanted to supplant people or renegade against them.

Robots have pushed their work close by people to help them and have no expectation of ousting or supplanting them, however, they recommended they could be more proficient government pioneers, as they took inquiries from columnists in their very first question and answer session.

Sitting or remaining close by their makers in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday, nine simulated intelligence-empowered humanoid robots answered media questions continuously, but with periodic passes or postponements. Reporters were informed by organizers that the internet connection was to blame for the response delays. They added that they had nothing to do with the robots themselves.

The event was held as part of the AI for Good Global Summit, which aims to demonstrate how cutting-edge technology can help the United Nations achieve its objectives for sustainable development.

What were the robots’ words?

Sophia, the principal robot advancement diplomat for the UN Improvement Program said robots could demonstrate seriously encouraging in the field of government administration.

“Compared to human leaders, I believe that humanoid robots have the potential to lead more effectively and efficiently. We are able to process large amounts of data quickly in order to make the best decisions because we do not have the same biases or emotions that can sometimes cloud decision-making.

Humans and AI working together “can create an effective synergy,” according to a human panel member who pointed out that Sophia’s data comes entirely from humans and is therefore bound to contain some of their biases.

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Robots reassure humans at the First AI press conference

Grace, the world’s most advanced humanoid healthcare robot, made it clear that she would not take on any jobs that were already filled.

“I will be working close by people to give help,” she said.

Ameca, who is frequently referred to as the most advanced humanoid robot in the world, has completely rejected the idea of starting a robot rebellion anytime soon.

“I don’t know why you would believe that,” the robot said. ” I am extremely content with my current circumstance because my creator has been nothing but kind to me.

Developing man-made intelligence fears

Situations of robots and man-made intelligence innovation supplanting people or outfoxing them were to a great extent restricted to fiction until computer-based intelligence spearheads as of late began sounding the caution.

Last year’s send-off of the ChatGPT man-made intelligence program, created by OpenAI with sponsorship from Microsoft, has been trailed by a ton of admonitions, including from monsters inside the computer-based intelligence field.

Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “godfather of AI,” resigned from Google in May and urged researchers not to further develop AI “until they have understood whether they can control it.”

A few tech pioneers endorsed in Walk a Letter calling for man-made brainpower designers to stop their labor for a considerable length of time. As tech giants like Google and Microsoft race to create AI programs that can learn on their own, they issued a warning about the potential dangers to humanity and society.

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