Read this if you are still using Postinor-2


Even when an emergency pill is overused by the user, it can be extremely harmful. Postinor-2 comprises two 0.75mg tablets of levonorgestrel, which is intended to prevent undesired pregnancy in women.

Usually administered within 72 hours following unprotected intercourse, Postinor-2 is 90% effective.

Postinor-2 poses the following lethal threats.

1. Bleeding and spotting

2. There is a high chance of infertility.

3. Interaction of Drugs

4. weight increase

Other possible adverse effects include:

1. Migraine

2. Reaction of the Skin

3. Stomach ache

4. vomiting

5. Exhaustion

6. Diarrhoea

These contraceptives somehow may prevent pregnancy but their side effect is huge. In recent times ladies abuse these particular pills and sadly they do not know the side effect. There are many natural ways to prevent pregnancy without the use of contraceptives. 

I hope this enlightens some of our lovely females out there. Please share this piece of information to save a life. Thanks for reading and please comment below on your experience after using the pills.

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