Radical- Million Times (Prod. By Beatsbeats) Mp3

The Radical is a Singer/Rapper Known as Daniel Atakimah in academic circles, he is a self-motivated reliable young man who subsides in Zuarungu in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

He is a professional teacher who holds a Bachelor of Education in English and History from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He believes that music can significantly contribute to making Ghana and the world at large a better place, through education and resource mobilisation.

One of his tracks, “A Million Times“, has been inspired by a real life encounter. A mentally disturbed man once begged the Radical to buy him food at a food joint.

So he asked the food vendor to serve the mentally disturbed man kenkey and fish. But the food vendor served the man only kenkey, insisting that it was not right for the Radical to buy fish in addition to the kenkey for him(mentally disturbed man).

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