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Prince Harry Of England Accuses Roy Family of Withholding Information


Prince Harry of England

Prince Harry has made accusations against the royal family, claiming they withheld information regarding a phone hack from him to prevent him from pursuing legal action.

His civil claim also involves Associated News, publisher of The Daily Mail, and includes claims of privacy breaches such as phone tapping and bugging. In a witness statement, Prince Harry revealed that he was taught to “never complain, never explain” regarding the press.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley and Baroness Doreen Lawrence provided witness statements as well, with Hurley alleging that private investigators used cassette recorders for phone tapping.

During the preliminary hearing, Associated News raised concerns about confidential documents being used by lawyers representing Prince Harry and his co-claimants.

A High Court judge expressed concern about who is responsible for policing confidentiality undertakings made during the Leveson Inquiry, as the inquiry no longer exists.

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