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Northern students are not allowed to copy, that is why their performance is always worst – BOSA Vice President


Alhaji Abdallah Otiti Achuliwor

Vice President of Bawku Senior High School’s Old Students Association (BOSA), Alhaji Abdallah Otiti Achuliwor has blamed the falling standards of education in northern Ghana on authorities being strict in the enforcement of examination rules.

In a meeting on Daybreak Upper East program on A1radio in front of the BOSA homecoming, Mr. Otiti, who serves as a load up individual from the Bawku Senior High School, said the disappointment of specialists to make a feeling for understudies to duplicate in assessments, is the thing that has represented the slump of scholarly exhibitions across the five locales of the north lately, which is as an unmistakable difference to what exactly exists in other new purviews.

He added that the northerners’ unquenchable longing for everything to be done in a proper way was devastating training in that territory.

“It is only that they have made the climate to such an extent that they are not permitted to duplicate the assessments, they can’t cheat in the assessments that will empower them to make the grades. In this way, by the day’s end, you see the northern schools at the lower part of the association table since we need to in any case remain ‘pepepe’, which implies the individual actually needs to do everything precisely. In this way, our schools need to do it ‘pepepe’, in the interim somewhere else it may not really be that way,” said Otiti.

Mr. Otiti likewise saw that the absence of required remove focuses for potential senior high understudies was contributory to the sharp decrease in the scholastic exhibitions of northern understudies.

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He anyway expressed that the lessening method of exhibitions recorded in the north of late would be improved in the event that they (northerners) imitate their associates in the south.

Old Students of Bawku Senior High School (BOSA) will in addition to other things Saturday, October 30, 2021 commission a borehole on the school’s grounds to annihilate the lack of water that frequently goes up against the school as a feature of exercises to stamp the ‘BOSA’ homecoming.

The subject during the current year’s occasion is “Tending to Educational Challenges amidst COVID-19, The Role of the Alumni”.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz

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