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Made In Bolga Festival by Soorebia Returns. Slated to happen in April


Made in Bolga festival

Martin Soore, better known by his stage name Soorebia, a Ghanaian rapper, has announced the return of the highly coveted “Made In Bolga” Festival.

On his social media accounts, the Keekee hitmaker announced the festival’s return.
The “Made In Bolga” carnival focuses primarily on promoting brands, individuals, cultures, and music with roots in the rapper’s native Upper East Region.

In April 2019, the “Made In Bolga” Festival held its inaugural event.
The grand concert came before the festival, where artisans and creatives displayed their wares.

Happy Man Bitters has become a sponsor for the brand.

The festival was attended by dignitaries like Tangoba Abayage, the former Regional Minister.
It has been requested by the followers. After a three-year absence, Soorebia and his teams (BBT) have listened and are bringing the festival back.

The second edition is scheduled to begin on April 9-10, with the following events taking place on April 9:
Jubilee Park Bolga hosts an exhibition of cultural and artistic works.
The Jocom Golden Hotel hosts a musical performance on October 10.

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