IGP will be poisoned in December at a Christmas dinner – Says UK-based Ghanaian Prophet drop bombshell

A Ghanaian Pastor has accumulated all the mental fortitude to drop another stunner prediction and this time against the Almighty persevering IGP himself.

The Ghana Police administration is as of now ending up on course to recover their trustworthiness and one if the means in doing that is to handle destruction predictions.

The Inspector General of Police George Akuffo Dampare previously gave a solid admonition to all strict characters against the wild ill-fated predictions that put fears into people.

Regardless of this, a Ghanaian conceived minister situated in the United Kingdom distinguished as Reverend Evans sent shockwaves around the IGP himself with claims he will be harmed to death.

In a that is quick making adjusts on the web, the minister guarantee the IGP will meet his demise during a Christmas festivity.

He consequently advised the IGP to be cautious with his development during the bubbly time frame.


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