Ibrah One recovers from his short term Madness and gives a middle finger to his followers

Online entertainment pundit, Ibrah One has responded to the viral video which saw him run frantic in the city of Niger.

Quite recently, a video surfaced of oneself acclaimed tycoon meandering around the roads of Niger which got many wondering what has turned out badly for him.

In the recordings that surfaced via online hubs, Ibrah One was seen wearing a filthy white singlet and pants shorts while strolling like he lost his way.

It very well may be reviewed that in 2018 he was owned up to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital however with his family foundation, not even his most awful foe anticipated that he should be in the city.

Indeed, after the video got some decent forward momentum, Ibrah One has emerged with a message to pundits as he’s been settled.


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