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I spoke to a guy for a YEAR before dating him properly – 2 weeks after we had sex he revealed he was with someone else – Tiktok user


Guys are mostly unpredictable and with sex being the main fulcrum around which most of them initiate a romantic relationship, this story herein reinforces why a man can do anything just for intimacy.

TikTok user @jehonaswitness revealed how he had a relationship with this guy for a year and just two weeks after they first had sex, he dumped her saying he has someone already.

She revealed: “I matched with this guy on Bumble in May 2020 and we [clicked] right away, he immediately got too comfortable and trauma dumped on me in the first two hours.

“He’s always telling me how much he likes me and wants to be with me, how well he would treat me and how happy he could make me.”

Realising she likes him more than she initially thought, the girl continued: “I start catching feelings and get jealous when he talks about other girls so I finally tell him that bothers me and he says if I gave him a chance he wouldn’t have to date anyone else.

Turns out the guy wasn’t as invested as he seemed, as she then dropped the bombshell: “2 weeks after we get *intimate*, he drunk calls me and tells me he doesn’t like me, he never cared about me and is having seggs with someone else.”

The story left people “shocked”, with hundreds commenting on the girl’s post.

“That story turned horrible quickly! What I’m still shocked!! Girl I’m so sorry,” said one person.

Another wrote: “The moral of the story… trust your intuition unilaterally.”

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A third commented: “He was playing the long game from the beginning. I’m never gonna look past that first early trauma dump red flag ever again.”

Others couldn’t believe how long the guy had grafted for, with one person posting: “A year and a half?! He was committed…”

“Bro played the long game,” joked another, while one more added: “This dude put in WORK.”

Another shared: “Red flags from the start on both ends. y’all if someone ‘likes’ you, don’t play BFFs and talk every day, it never ends well.”

Source: Ghbase.com

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