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I have stopped singing during offertory in church because of breast – Brother Sammy


Brother Sammy said gospel musicians in the church faces a lot of temptations that they can’t even with stand them anymore.

He said most women display most of their body parts in church through the their way of dressing which makes it difficult for him to concentrate on the word.

sammy stands

In flee from sin and temptation i have to stop standing at the front of the church during offertory. wading in the exceptions that old gospel veteran musicians produces more spirit -filled songs than compared to the young and youth upcoming singers in church. 

Brother Sammy stated “Veteran gospel artiste cannot withstand the temptation the new school of gospel artistes face in recent times.

In buttress of his points, he also stated the fact that women fail to dress appropriately to cover all parts of their bodies, and they busily gallivant during church services.

In the olden days women wear dresses to cover their whole bodies in the church but now they rather raise their breasts with short and exposing dresses. We have been able to avoid temptation but you cannot lift your breasts during offertory and praises. 

During the days of Peter in the Bible, He preached to women who had their bodies covered from head to toe. 

“You cannot compare the temptation of them time to now, i have stopped standing in front of the congregation to take offertory because the kind of cat walking the ladies do is unacceptable”. He stated on United Showbiz with Nana Ama McBrown.

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Source: Ghanaweb

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