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” I am on medication for life,” Mercy Johnson opens up on cancer struggles


Mercy Johnson suffers from Cancer
Mercy Johnson suffers from Cancer

Mercy Johnson, an actress in Nollywood, has spoken out about her fight with cancer. During a conversation she had with seasoned actress Joke Silva during an episode of Mercy’s Menu, the mother of four made this admission. Her most recent cooking show episode on YouTube featured the conversation.

Mercy Johnson, an actress for Edo State, claims that she had a cancer scare six months ago. She and her husband naturally needed to talk about the new situation. “I had my thyroid removed,” Mercy Johnson declared. And because we have children, it was like a journey for us.”

She went on to say that the moment she made the decision to have the surgery was life-altering. “They said I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life, and it was a reality we had to sit down,” Mercy Johnson added.

The beautiful actress said that the diagnosis led to a set of instructions and times for when she should take her medication. Mercy Johnson hasn’t spoken out before about the situation with her health.
Mercy Johnson asked Joke Silva about the health of her husband Olu Jacob, which sparked the conversation. Other actors from Nollywood have recently spoken out about their various health issues.

During a Tuesday Instagram Live session with Daddy Freeze, Nigerian singer and rapper Ikechukwu Onunaki talked about his health.
Ikechukwu asserted that he was paralyzed on the right side of his body due to an illness known as acute sciatica and a herniated disc.
Kemi Afolabi, another actress, revealed that she had been diagnosed with lupus, a life-threatening condition. The immune system attacks the body’s tissues in lupus, an inflammatory condition.

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