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GMB 2021: The entire competition has been high for me – wedaga, U/E


As per Wedaga, Upper East provincial representative, her time in Ghana’s Most Beautiful has been superb. She recounts not having any terrible minutes since every one of her exhibitions have gotten the endorsement mark from the adjudicators.

Princess Diana Wedaga uncovered this during a talk meeting with Cookie Tee and Anita.

“The whole rivalry has been high for me. In the event that you pursue the direction of the Judges remarks about me. It is possible that you are a particularly enthusiastic individual with regards to your area or you are a particularly sure woman or wild woman. It’s constantly been something to that effect. So as far as I might be concerned, each opportunity I result in these present circumstances stage, I introduce myself.

“I generally say I address a/individuals. I come to recount their own accounts. I’m energetic with regards to them. I love what I do. So I recently come, and address them and do my thing.”

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