Ghanaians now live longer because of good democratic governance – Akufo-Addo


Akufo Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has highlighted the critical commitment of popularity based administration and law and order to the improvement of Ghana and the whole African landmass.

As per President Akufo-Addo, history and information accessible demonstrate that popularity based administration has been useful to Ghana and the mainland as entire and has prompted huge improvement in the everyday environments of Ghanaians.

Buttressing his assertion with information, the president said aside the monetary security in the country since its re-visitation of sacred guideline, future upon entering the world, per information accessible, has expanded essentially from 49 years in 1970 to 64 years in 2019.

“The third rush of democratization on the landmass starting during the 1990s saw GDP per capital ascent considerably to 605 dollars in 1995, declined insignificantly to 547 dollars in 2000 and in 2017, expanded to 1,550 dollars. In Ghana, it was 398 dollars in 1990 declined to 258 dollars in 2000 and it is currently 2,223 dollars. One more key list of human turn of events; future upon entering the world was assessed by the World Bank at 45 years in 1970 in Sub-Saharan Africa. By 1990, this had expanded to 50 years and in 2019, future upon entering the world on the mainland was 61 years. In Ghana, it was 49 years in 1970 and 64 years in 2019. . Plainly, vote based system has been valuable for the mainland and for our country,” he said in a discourse he conveyed at the 2021 Ghana Bar Conference in Bolgatanga.

This, he expressed, means that a critical improvement of the everyday environments of Ghanaians because of the execution of good monetary and wellbeing arrangements just as interest in framework.

President Akufo-Addo avowed the country’s obligation to watch its popularity based administration against enemies of leftists and overthrow mongers.

He said while majority rule government is serving the necessities of individuals and guaranteeing their wellbeing, individuals who are frantic to hold political force yet are unequipped for mass assembly as vote based system requires will attempt to utilize other unsuitable intends to avoid the vote based principles and ascend to become pioneers. This, he emphasized, will be stood up to.

“We know, in any case, that the cost of opportunity is endless cautiousness and watchful we will be here in Ghana. We will not let our gatekeeper down and permit the damp hug of individuals by enemies of leftists, who are hateful and unequipped for successful famous preparation through acknowledged channels, however who need alternate ways to control without express help of individuals”.

He reminded enemies of liberals and upset mongers of the monetary difficulties and condition of frailty in the country in the period of military and dictator rule, expressing that the nation is in an ideal situation with vote based administration.

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