Full List of Courses offered at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Ghana.


The following table is a full list of degree courses offered by the University of Cape Coast (UCC), according to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) as of May 2022.

Full List of Courses offered at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Ghana
1B.A. African Studies
2B.A. Anthropology
3B.A. Classics
4B.A. English
5B.A. Geography
6B.A. History
7B.A. Philosophy
8B.A. Population and Health
9B.A. Social Sciences (Sociology)
10B.A. Theatre Studies
11B.Com. (Procurement and Supply Chain Management)
12B.Com. Marketing
13B.Ed. Communication Design
14B.Ed. Health, Physical Education and Recreation
15B.Ed. Information Communication Technology
16B.Ed. Social Studies
17B.Sc. Agribusiness
18B.Sc. Agricultural Extension
19B.Sc. Agriculture
20B.Sc. Animal Production
21B.Sc. Computer Science
22B.Sc. Diagnostic Imaging Technology
23B.Sc. Engineering Physics
24B.Sc. Geography and Regional Planning
25B.Sc. Health Information Management
26B.Sc. Hospitality Management
27B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
28B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
29B.Sc. Laboratory Technology
30B.Sc. Mathematics
31B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology
32B.Sc. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics
33B.Sc. Meteorology and Climate Science
34B.Sc. Nursing
35B.Sc. Physician Assistant Studies
36B.Sc. Physics
37B.Sc. Physiology(Basic Science)
38B.Sc. Statistics
39B.Sc. Tourism
40B.Sc. Zoology
41Bachelor of Accounting
42Bachelor of Commerce with option in Finance
43Bachelor of Commerce with option in Accounting
44Bachelor of Commerce with option in Management
45Bachelor of Construction Technology Education
46Bachelor of Fine Art Education (Painting and Sculpture)
47Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
48Bachelor of Management Studies
49Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB)
50BSc. Fisheries and Aquatic Science
51BSc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
52BSc. Community Mental Health Nursing
53BSc. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
54BSc. Economics
55BSc. Forensic Science
56BSc. Mental Health Nursing
57BSc. Sport Science

Full list of UCC Diploma Courses

The following table is a full list of diploma courses offered by the University of Cape Coast (UCC), according to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) as of May 2022

1Diploma in Accounting
2Diploma in Agricultural Extension
3Diploma in Basic Education
4Diploma in Basic Education (Early childhood)
5Diploma in Ghanaian Sign Language Interpreting
6Diploma in Social Behaviour and Conflict Management

Full list of UCC Post-graduate Degree Courses

The following table is a full list of Post-graduate Degree courses offered by the University of Cape Coast (UCC), according to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) as of May 2022

1Doctor of Optometry
2Doctor of Pharmacy
3M.A. African Studies
4M.A. Development Management
5M.A. English
6M.A. Geography
7M.A. Geography and Regional Planning
8M.A. Health Promotion
9M.A. International Studies
10M.A. Population and Health (Sandwich)
11M.A. Sociology of Peace and Security (Sandwich)
12M.Ed. Early Childhood Education
13M.Ed. Educational Administration
14M.Ed. Teaching in Higher Education
15M.Phil. African Studies
16M.Phil. Agricultural Mechanization and Machinery Technology
17M.Phil. Aquaculture
18M.Phil. Computer Science
19M.Phil. Early Childhood Education
20M.Phil. Fisheries Science
21M.Phil. Geography
22M.Phil. Geography and Regional Planning
23M.Phil. Hospitality Management
24M.Phil. in Non-Governmental Organization Studies and Community Development
25M.Phil. Infection and Immunity
26M.Phil. International Studies
27M.Phil. Oceanography and Limnology
28M.Phil. Sociology
29M.Phil. Tourism Management
30M.Sc. In Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Studies And Management (Sandwich)
31Master of Commerce (M.Com.) Marketing
32Master of Commerce (M.Com.) Project Management
33Master of Nursing
34MBA (Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development)
35MBA Finance
36MBA General Management
37MBA H.R.M.
38MBA Marketing (Sandwich)
39Medical Biochemistry
40MPhil Administration In Higher Education
41MPhil Agric. Mechanization Technology
42MPhil Agricultural Economics
43MPhil Agricultural Extension
44MPhil Animal Science
45MPhil Classics
46MPhil Crop Science
47MPhil Educational Administration
48MPhil Educational Planning
49MPhil English
50MPhil History
51MPhil in Soil Science
52MPhil Irrigation Technology and Management
53MPhil Land use & Environmental Science
54MPhil Livestock System Management
55MPhil Mathematics
56MPhil Philosophy
57MPhil Population and Health
58MPhil Post Harvest Technology
59MPhil Seed Science and Technology
60MSc. Advanced Nursing Practice
61MSc. Data Management
62MSc. Disaster Management (Sandwich)
63MSc. Nursing
64PhD. African Studies
65PhD. Agricultural Mechanization and Machinery Technology
66PhD. Aquaculture
67PhD. Early Childhood Education
68PhD. Geography and Regional Planning
69PhD. Hospitality Management
70PhD. Sociology
71PhD. Tourism Management
72PhD Computer Science
73PhD Fisheries Science
74PhD Geography
75PhD International Studies
76PhD Irrigation Technology and Management
77PhD Population and Health
78PhD. in Non-Governmental Organization Studies and Community Development
79PhD. Oceanography and Limnology
80Post Diploma in Social Behaviour and Conflict Management (Sandwich)
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