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Football is anti-Christ game, fans and players will go to hell – Evangelist Mummy GO insists


Controversial Nigerian Evangelist, Funmilayo Adebayo popularly referred to as Mummy GO has defended her declare that soccer is an anti-Christ recreation. Speaking in an interview with BBC Pidgin, Mummy GO alleged that football is a recreation via which the satan leads human beings off beam from the approaches of God and thus, all and sundry who engages in this sort of recreation or helps it’ll lose the danger of creating it to heaven.

The preacher, who claimed she lived withinside the “darkish global” for decades earlier than ascribing to the Christian faith, introduced that the evil forces which can be at the back of the sector maximum cherished recreation are making plans to introduce an anti-Christ way of life to the complete global via a World Cup match withinside the now no longer too remote future.

“Do you understand there many human beings on social media, now no longer simply me, who say the equal factor (that footballers and fanatics won’t visit heaven)? We have a few human beings from Ghana, even white men (who’ve corroborated what I stated). If you cross at the net and look for the god of football, they’ll deliver out for you.

I’m now no longer the handiest one speakme approximately it. What approximately different games? Why didn’t I say equal factor approximately them? There are forces (at the back of soccer). Why didn’t they put up what I stated approximately it after I turned into on the opposite side? They simply need to arouse every person that loves football in opposition to him. There is an occasion as a way to come very quickly as a way to introduce anti-Christ and it’ll come via global cup,” she stated.

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These evil forces, in line with her, aren’t snug together along with her preachings and try to instigate the general public in opposition to her via way of means of doctoring a number of her sermons and circulating them on social media. She claimed the evil forces had threatened to kill her and in a few instances, shot at her in a bid to have her prevent her teachings as they are saying they may be dropping contributors because of her works. Their threats and tries on her lifestyles, however, failed as she maintains with the paintings of God.

This, she stated, has infuriated them purpose they’ve resorted to doctoring her sermon movies with preposterous content material geared toward inflicting her public disaffection. “I were receiving a few peculiar calls that say ‘Evangelist Funmi, you’re affecting us, lots of our contributors listen your message and that they pull out from our church, in case you don’t prevent, we’ll kill you’. I concept it turned into an insignificant danger till at instances, we are able to be driving, we are able to see human beings bringing out weapons via their very own car, taking pictures at us. At instances I may be withinside the financial institution, they’ll snap me withinside the financial institution and ahead the photos to me and say ‘see, you’re withinside the financial institution, if we need to kill you, we would’ve killed you there.

We are simply caution you. Stop (your preaching). If you don’t prevent, we’re nevertheless going to shame you’. So they were threatening my lifestyles after they determined that I haven’t stopped, they stated I’m cussed this is why they’ve come to social media to begin all these,” she claimed. The 54-year-antique has come to be a social media sensation after a few movies of her purportedly handing over sermons to her church contributors surfaced withinside the public domain.

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In a number of the movies, she is heard allegedly preaching in opposition to the ownership of files which include visa and MasterCard in addition to better gaining knowledge of certificate which include M. A and PhD, pointing out that all and sundry in ownership of those files and certificate may be thrown into hellfire on Judgement Day. But speakme at the viral movies, Mummy GO denied making such pronouncements, pointing out that a number of them are fabrications via way of means of the evil forces to make her appearance awful withinside the eyes of the general public.

SOURCE: Dreamzfmonline.com

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