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‘Fix a date for severe beatings’ – Sista Afia to Efia Odo


Efia odo and Sista Afia

She has laments about letting her off the snare when their ways crossed

• She trusts Efia Odo would abstain from lying in the event that she had attacked the entertainer Without beating around the bush, Sista Afia on public TV, Saturday, said she laments not giving a thumping to Efia Odo when they met at an occasion.

Her choice to not actually attack Efia Odo, she set, is the thing that has given the entertainer the catalyst to heave lies about her. Accepting such a great amount in her ability and sounding confrontational, Sista Afia said a “chatty” Efia Odo would smooth if the squabble turned physical.

“At the point when I got to the setting for the DSTV occasion, I met her right in the wake of climbing the steps. The primary thing I told her was “When would it be a good idea for me to beat you? I’m drained today so give me a date’. She realizes I can beat her but since I have a family, due to my fans, I would prefer not to rehash anything insane,” Sista Afia clarified.

“I even lament not beating her that day since, supposing that I had beaten her, she wouldn’t have come on public TV and be talking this poo. She generally plays the person in question and I disdain individuals like that. You case to be a terrible bitch however call a legal counselor when somebody is going to beat you. You don’t have the foggiest idea about the meaning of an awful bitch so don’t utilize that.” she proceeded.

The episode happened on UTV’s United Showbiz when Efia Odo was giving her record of how their fight started. Describing the beginning of their fight, the entertainer and video lady followed the root to an occurrence that happened just about 10 years prior. Efia Odo said she once said something about the presence of Sista Afia which wounded the artist’s inner self. She posted Sista Afia and rapper Eno Barony via online media and communicating her misgivings regarding what they wore. “Around 8 years prior when I was in America, I had not been to Ghana; I saw an image of her and Eno and they had these boots on however it was a transparent boot so you could see the perspiration. I didn’t care for the outfit and I resembled ‘don’t these individuals have a beautician?’ I put it on Snapchat, I didn’t have the foggiest idea who she was actually so I think her companions or adherents sent the snap to her. I surmise she got annoyed with what I said,” Efia Odo described. Efia Odo’s record set off a call from Sista Afia who passionately questioned the story. “She’s lying. I want to be there. In case I were there, she was unable to have lied”, Sista Afia countered. “She knew who I was before she assaulted me. She’s a liar. She didn’t diss Eno; she rather dissed me Honestly talking, she’s actual irritating.

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As indicated by Sista Afia, she was informed that Efia Odo assaulted her in the said post since she [Sista Afia] was near Shatta Wale.

In spite of the fact that they settled their disparities a few

months prior after the two of them apologized to one another, their fight acquired conspicuousness in the media last week after Sista Afia remarked on Efia Odo’s post which tried to enquire why VIPs were parading iPhone 13 Pro Max they had obtained like the item were such an achievement to numerous Ghanaians. Efia Odo kept up with that Sista Afia isn’t her companion and ought not answer to her posts with offending comments. In the interim, the host of the show, Abeiku Santana, reprimanded Sista Afia for having required a battle. The two female famous people later apologized to one another.

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