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Filling a stadium is no Achievement – King Ayisoba shades Maccasio and Fancy Gadam


Kologo Musician King Ayisoba has indicated that
filling stadiums in Ghana especially as a musician does not make the artiste a champion. According to him, the ability to be accepted globally and play infront of non Ghanaians music lovers is what makes artistes champions. To him, the young artistes need to advise themselves to become global icons rather relegate themselves to
their locality. “Gadam has to learn. He is still in the learning process. I perform live and I don’t mime. What these young artiste need is people is advise from the elderly on how to communicate and the kind of music they produce. There are shows abroad where they will reject Fancy Gadam outrightly.

Filling a stadium does not make you a Champion. A champion is someone who sells shows globally. I’ve been awarded artiste of the year in Ghana and I am well traveled with my music. So if you are a champion follow my footsteps. Play live instrumentals and tour. It’s not about filling the stadium. I don’t focus on impacting people with my music at one place. I want to be like Bob Marley so that when I die my name can still remain relevant.

“Fancy Gadam will be sick to say that he has done
what the fore-bearers in music from the North did not do. I’ve been crowned artiste of the year, I’ve done a number of things. I’ve filled stadiums Canada, China, Denmark so what is Tamale that I can’t fill a stadium?
Tamale is home and when you work for the people in your house that’s no achievement. If I fill the Bolga stadium it does not make me a champion,” he told Sammy Flex.
Over the years Fancy Gadam, Macassio and other
artistes especially in the Northern Region have
touted their achievement of performing infront of a packed audience. To them, it’s a great achievement which needs to be touted and acknowledged by music lovers in the country.

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source: mynewsgh.com

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