Countries where Sun never sets and Night doesn’t Fall

Today I am imparting to you a rundown of six nations where the sun never sets and there is no night at a specific season.



At first this island had a place with Russia yet they offered it to the United States of America. Others consider it the condition of delightful glacial masses. The sun doesn’t set among May and July. Here the sun sets for just 51 minutes. Here is a connection to a video that clarifies more with regards to these spots.



In Finland, the sun doesn’t set for 76 days throughout the mid year. Numerous vacationers visit Finland throughout the late spring to observe this unusual wonder.



Norway is situated in the Arctic Circle. Here, as well, the sun doesn’t set for around 76 days among May and July.



Canada is constantly covered with snow at specific occasions of the year.This peculiar wonder happens in the northwest district, where the sun doesn’t set for 50 days throughout the late spring.

  1. Iceland

This is probably the biggest island in Europe. It is said that the sun doesn’t set from May 10 to the furthest limit of July.



In many spots in Sweden the sun doesn’t set from May to August. There is no night here for around 100 days.

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