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Chris Brown sued With A $20 Million Lawsuit Over Alleged Rape

Chris Brown has been charged with another sexual assault allegation, TMZ reports.

According to the publication, the 32-year-old artiste is accused of raping a woman in late 2020 outside Diddy’s Star Island home. The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe, claims she was speaking to a friend via FaceTime when Brown grabbed the phone and told her to come to Miami immediately. The lawsuit states the woman—who describes herself as a a model, choreographer, and musical artist—arrived on the property Dec. 20, and met Brown on a yacht parked at Diddy’s residence.

Not long after she boarded the yacht, Brown purportedly inquired as to whether she needed a beverage. The grievance states she acknowledged the proposition and followed the artist into the yacht’s kitchen region, where she was given a blended beverage. Jane Doe says she and Brown started talking before she was given a top off; it was around then, the lady professes to have encountered “an abrupt, unexplained change in awareness.”

The claim affirms the lady became “bewildered, genuinely unsteady, and began to fall all through rest.” Brown then, at that point, purportedly took her to a room while she was “sedated” and wouldn’t let her leave. Jane Doe says Brown then, at that point, eliminated her swimming outfit base and started kissing her. She asserts the craftsman overlooked her requests to stop, and continued to assault her.

As indicated by the protest, Brown then, at that point, discharged inside the lady, stood up, and told her that he was “done.”

Jane Doe says Brown reached her the next day and requested her to take Plan B-a morning-after crisis contraception pill. The lady claims she got in line, and never detailed the occurrence to specialists. Her lawyers, Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck, say their customer didn’t go to police since she was humiliated.

The lady is looking for $20 million harms over the enthusiastic pressure brought about by the supposed assault, Complex reports.



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