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Cheating on your wife doesn’t mean you don’t love her, it’s like taking a taxi whiles you own a car



Fred Kyei Mensah popularly known as Fredyma has justified cheating in marriage.

The popular Ghanaian sound engineer says a husband cheating on the wife doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her.

Fredyma compared owning a car and chattering taxi to cheating on your wife in a facebook post.

He explained his reasons being that, just like when u own a car and uses taxi just to keep your car fresh, save fuel, tyres and beauty. So when you allow your wife to rest and you chop someone outside, your wife stays fresh.

Cheating on your wife doesn’t mean you don’t love her; 
It’s like hiring a taxi when you have your own car at home. 
It saves fuel, tyres, ensures longer lasting beauty and reduces mileage.

Please send this to your wife and let me know which hospital to come and visit you.” – Fredyma posted on Facebook

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