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Artificial Intelligence to defend a human in court ‘for the first time ever’


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AI breaks new ground: The company is teasing that their robot will play a major role in the lawsuit. 

The robot with artificial intelligence will be the first to advise the defendant in court.

The news that the AI will be in the defendant’s phone was shared by the New Scientist, who explained that the AI was developed by an application designed to assist users struggling with various types of litigation.1 credit

The robot listened in on court proceedings and then gave the defendant advice through an earphone.

DoNotPay, which bills itself as “The World’s First Robot Lawyer,” was the company that developed the AI.

Joshua Browder started the company, which is called a chatbot.

It started out as a way to fight parking tickets, but it now offers a wide range of services and helps people who need them understand complicated subjects.

According to the website, “The DoNotPay app is the home of the world’s first robot lawyer.”

“Sue anyone at the push of a button, fight corporations, defeat bureaucracy, and defeat bureaucracy.”

The features that AI is said to be able to perform are listed on the website, which include making divorce papers easier to complete, connecting people with prisoners, assisting users with bills and rent, and more.

Tips on how to avoid paying a parking ticket are one of DoNotPay’s most important features.

In addition, to assist users in avoiding additional charges and filtering out spam, he offers guidance on more advanced topics such as creating forged credit cards and phone numbers.

The app can be downloaded by paying $36 per year for a subscription.

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The app will safeguard particulars like specific dates and locations during the first AI trial, which will take place in February.

Although the AI robot lawyer is undoubtedly an experiment and carries some risk for the defendant, it does open some intriguing possibilities for the AI industry’s future.

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