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Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo, His Excellently the President of Ghana will be addressing the Nation tonight 25th July, 2021 on measures taken to control the spread of the novel corona virus.

This counts as update number 26, for some reasons Ghanaians seem to have forgotten about the disease and seized in controlling and preventing themselves from it, this is making an increase in numbers again.

Sars cod2

Also from the Ghana Health service there have been another wave of the pandemic in certain parts of the country, The Noguchi Memorial institute for medical research has issued a warning about the new Delta variant virus detected, according to them the circulation of this form of the coronavirus is spreading very fast and is deadly,they have encouraged the government to take a second look at covid protocols and appropriate restrictions.


The Corona Virus as it stands have active cases of 4,094 with 821 as number of deaths and 421 as active cases. Some citizens out of panic is expecting the President to in state another Lockdown to reduce spread as the numbers are rising higher.

But the question is for only His excellency and the leaders in conjunction with the Ghana Health service to determine, well let’s hear what He has for us tonight.

Tune in at 8pm on GTV and most media platforms to listen for yourself.


Source: Opera News


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