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Albert Owusu Sarpong: University of Ghana Student Reportedly dies After Taking COVID Vaccine


Albert Owusu Sarpong, a 20-year-old student has reportedly lost his life just 2 days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

A student from the University of Ghana called Albert Owusu Sarpong has been reported to have lost his life two days after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Joshua Wonder, who identifies himself as a roommate of the Political Science student, made a video in which he asserted the report and further questioned the efficacy of the vaccine.

“Got news that my friend Albert Owusu Sarpong from UG studied political science just died..he took the vaccine 2 days ago, developed complications and just got news he died. Why?! Albert we had dreams of building Ghana and touring the world together! Why is no one talking about,” he said.

Information on the specific type of vaccine Albert supposedly took and the exact circumstances surrounding his demise and a conclusive autopsy report stating whether the vaccine was the cause of death is not available.

YEN.com.gh gathers from exclusive sources that Albert who was 20 years old stayed in the popular Evandy Hostel. It is also indicated that the young man did not die on campus but the management of the school is yet to issue any statement on the rather troubling development. Albert’s family is also yet to come out with any information or updates regarding the report that is already amassing massive reactions on social media.

Source: Yen.gh.com

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