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AirtelTigo Rebrands by Changing its Name to ‘AT’


AirtelTigo Rebrands by Changing its Name to 'AT'

In an SMS circular to all customers, the company said the following: AirtelTigo Rebrands by Changing its Name to ‘AT’. Dear Customer, We’re happy to announce to you that AirtelTigo is now AT, so going forward, call us AT. Life is simple!

A top official of the company confirmed that “A press conference will be held at 10 am 22nd June 2023 – our name will change to the more simple ‘AT’.

It would be recalled that Techfocus24 reported that after the government purchased the company for US$1 following the exit of Bharti Airtel (Airtel) and Millicom (Tigo) from Ghana in 2021, it has been working on transferring shares to another investor.

Unconfirmed reports say the company is currently being sold to a UK-based private equity firm, Hannam and Partners, which is mainly known for its work in the mining and finance sectors, with no known experience in telecoms.

The company is however said to have drafted Oracle as a partner for the AirtelTigo acquisition deal.

Sources disclosed to Techfocus24 that the AirtelTigo (AT) network is currently being retooled with Oracle’s technology. But a top official of the company said “I can neither confirm nor deny that information.”

The top official said after the rebrand, customers can expect very good and exciting things on the network in a few weeks’ time.

Glo Migration

Meanwhile, in April last year, Globacom Ghana also migrated all of its 800,000 plus customers to AirtelTigo is an obvious merger, which the two companies untruthfully described as a national roaming deal.

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As of today, Glo customers can only recharge AirtelTigo airtime because there are no more Glo recharge cards on the market. This clearly confirms the two companies have been merged.

Techfocus24 reported that the move only happened after Glo Group CEO and Chairman, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr was given assurances of owning minority shares in AirtelTigo.

It is important to note that Glo still has its license even though it is not providing any services in Ghana today.

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