A Suspected Thief Caught and Lynched one Got away at Kongo

A caught thief has purportedly been lynched to death by a angry group at Kongo in the Upper East Region.

The deceased who is supposed to be in his late twenties is accepted to have gone after a young fellow around 9.05pm at the Kongo Catholic Church region.

The deceased had a cutlass while his partner who is on the run taken steps to cut him with some scissors and a blade.

They took his effects and went into a teak forest to get away. Yet, karma escaped him after the victim raised an alarm. Numerous youth emerged and gave them a hot pursue.

The deceased was caught while his partner whose name the decease gave as Yenimi got away.

He was purportedly attached with a rope against a metal blockade on the Bolga-Bawku road and hit with stones, sticks and metals until he ultimately surrendered the died.

“We have experienced large numbers of these theft cases locally. Today, they’re unfortunate. He has provided us with the identity of his associate and we will search for him” An onlooker told GBC News.

The case was subsequently answered to the Nangodi Police, who saved the body in a mortuary. Anyway no capture has been made at this point.

His personality is not known.

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