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5 Critical social problems in Ghana and their answers

Social problems facing Ghana

If you are updated to the Ghanaians times, you will realize a pattern relating to some of the major social problems that Ghanaians are facing. One thing about the current social problems in Ghana is that they form a chain since one leads to the other.

If we don’t find an able solution to some of these problems, they will affect our prosperity as a nation. Some of the social issues in this country can be blamed on the Government and part of them can be blamed on ourselves. Also, modern lifestyle has taken a toll in creating some of these issues.

Social Problems in Ghana

We have gathered some examples of social problems in Ghana. We have checked a step further to offer solutions that might help to the social problems facing Ghana.


It isn’t just a significant social issue in Ghana however the remainder of the landmass. The hole between the rich and poor in Ghana is so wide. This has been ascribed to the significant levels of debasement. This has additionally prompted the uncontrolled instances of appetite among most Ghanaians.

The poor financial development pace of Ghana has likewise prompted the expanding levels of neediness. The assets in the nation are being abused to the point that the excess assets can’t fulfill the remainder of Ghana. It is dependent upon the Government to shape preventive measures to control debasement in Ghana.

Whenever defilement has been managed, it is dependent upon them to frame strategies concerning evenhanded dissemination of assets to all Ghanaians. They likewise need to truly assign assets to instruction areas to produce aptitudes to help support the development of the economy.

Youth Unemployment

It has gotten basic to see a large number of our childhood dallying around because of absence of work. Many have lost themselves in indecencies, for example, burglary, wagering and liquor. We likewise have graduates with the important aptitudes tarmacking with no expectation of discovering work. High instances of joblessness in Ghana causes the stagnation in the development of the economy.

To tackle the hazard of joblessness, the Government needs to back specialized organizations in Ghana. This will give aptitudes to the young who will be enabled to begin their own organizations and quit contingent upon getting recruited. A young program asset should likewise be started to finance new companies organizations for the adolescent.

Food Security Food

creation is one of the significant government backed retirement issues in Ghana. With the consistently developing populace, it has become an issue to take care of the whole nation. We have as of late found in the news, the rising instances of craving and starvation in various pieces of the nation.

The adjustment in atmosphere designs is another impetus of social issues in Ghana that has truly influenced the food creation in the nation. The dry climate conditions experienced has prompted tremendous loss of rural produce. The public authority needs to finance water system programs the nation over since we can’t rely upon the downpour.

We need to concoct helpful methods of capacity of farming produce for later use in the midst of dry spell. Ranchers need impetuses, for example, modest manures to persuade them to plant more. The eventual fate of food security in Ghana lies in the possession of ranchers.

Abortion (Fetus removal)

We can’t lounge around and imagine that the current baby death rates in the Ghana are not caused through premature birth. Numerous premature birth cases are presently seen even in schools prompting school nonconformists. The adolescent are participating in hazardous and unprotected sexual exercises prompting undesirable pregnancies.

Because of the cruel monetary circumstance, they are left with no decision except for fetus removal. Rundown of businesses in Ghana The Government related to NGOs needs to make mindfulness on significance of sex schooling to the adolescent.

They likewise need to acquaint current family arranging strategies with control the instances of undesirable pregnancies. Sex training should be presented as a subject in all learning foundations.

Ethnicity and Tribalism

Ghana is blessed with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds all integrated as one. However, the cases of tribalism have threatened the peace in Ghana.

We are in the wake of tribal wars that struck the country leading to death of many people and destruction of property. Tribalism is being practiced even in our work places and even politicians, and it has become a major social problem facing Ghana today.

The Government needs to set up policies to control cases of tribalism. Tribalism needs to treated as a criminal offense which is apprehensible by the law. All perpetrators of the vice need to face the full extent of the law. The peace of and prosperity of Ghana depends on the relation of all Ghanaians and not only tribes.

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