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10 reasons why Android is better than iOS


The greatest benefit Android has over iOS and the justification for why individuals pick the stage can be reduced to single word ‘Opportunity’.

a android vrs Iphone

Furthermore, that feeling of having boundless choices and opportunity of decision is obvious from the earliest starting point.

When looking for an Android gadget, clients have in a real sense great many items to browse.

That permits every individual to choose for themselves which equipment highlights are the most significant.

Regardless of whether you need a SD Card opening for expandable capacity, an earphone jack to charge and pay attention to music simultaneously, a unique finger impression peruser, no showcase score, a bigger battery, pretty much every Android client can discover the gadget with the perfect mix of equipment includes that best suit their own requirements.

Contrast that with looking for an iOS gadget where you have only four options of cell phones passing on clients to live with the sensational decisions Apple will in general make with their equipment by eliminating the earphone jack before individuals needed to utilize the restrictive connector or being the last organization to remember more extra room for their base model cell phone.

Yet, the opportunity Android clients appreciate goes a lot farther than equipment. Truth be told, the Android working framework itself is open-source; that implies engineers have the opportunity to do things like utilizing outsider instruments for application improvement which takes into consideration exceptional provisions and usefulness that isn’t permitted on shut source stages like iOS.

Presently with regards to the working framework, Android clients love its adaptability and one of the most widely recognized things to tweak is the launcher for sure iOS clients call the Homescreen.

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Regardless of whether you need a launcher with an attention on gadgets or fast launcher with an emphasis on motion controls or a more useful launcher with an accentuation on big business combination, there’s an appropriate custom launcher out there for you.

However, there’s, much more, you can change about Android like the presence of your symbols, console, the lock screen or in any event, setting default applications and that is a degree of customisation most iOS clients would never envision.

It was no joking matter when iOS started permitting custom backdrops in 2010, something clients have been looking out for quite a long time and that is an extremely normal pattern with Apple.

They’re regularly exceptionally moderate with regards to customisation or further developed components since they would prefer not to overpower or confound clients who may not be acquainted with the innovation.

For instance, the iPhone didn’t have cut reorder until iOS 3 was presented 2 years after the first iPhone which numerous Android clients at the time observe to be very interesting since they have the provisions they need and that just proceeded from the beginning of time of iOS.

Also, it’s the motivation behind why jailbreaking iPhones turned out to be so famous. Android was getting highlights like gathering notices, settings, alternate routes, performing various tasks, fast answers, gadgets and a lot more provisions that took Apple years to carry out in iOS so clients assumed control over issues by jailbreaking their iPhones which eliminated Apple’s limitations and permitted unapproved programming to be introduced on the gadget.

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In that manner, iOS clients could appreciate a considerable lot of the high level elements Android previously had.

Presently, something that iOS and Android gadgets share practically speaking is a developing size.

Throughout the long term, Apple has taken a considerable lot of the most well known changes from the escape local area and executed them into iOS like the capacity to introduce outsider consoles or track battery wellbeing which is directed to jailbreaking turning out to be significantly less famous than before.

Be that as it may, it merits calling attention to how it’s required for Apple to carry these components to iOS. For instance, they as of late presented iOS 15 which at long last enabled clients to set default applications, an ability Android has had for longer than 10 years.

Yet, it even gets more ludicrous than that on the grounds that despite the fact that Apple is permitting outsider default applications, they are restricting it to Mail and Browser as opposed to executing it across the whole working framework to incorporate other applications like Maps and Music.

That is something Android clients truly detest; they don’t care for the sensation of being shackled to one organization that chooses how they can and can’t manage their own equipment and programming.


As they would like to think, they ought to have the ability to choose what their own cell phone does as opposed to passing on those significant choices to an unremarkable organization that doesn’t exactly comprehend their novel necessities.

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That is the reason Android clients ordinarily have an assortment of gadgets from an assortment of organizations. Perhaps they’ll have a Samsung cell phone, a DELL scratch pad and an Apple tablet in light of the fact that for them that arrangement is the most appropriate for different conditions.

One more advantage of Android been totally open is that clients have absolute admittance to the working framework’s source code; this considers something many refer to as establishing which is normally contrasted with jailbreaking on an iPhone however gives Android clients a lot further admittance to the working framework.

Establishing can really assist with beating a portion of the inadequacies of Android like getting refreshes a lot quicker, eliminating producer’s massive programming skins, erasing transporter bloatware and streamlining the battery life of their gadget.

The last benefit of an Android gadget is the cost. It’s a lot simpler to track down a minimal expense Android cell phone than a minimal expense iPhone; that is the main justification for why Apple presented the $400 iPhone SE which Tim Cook at the time said he expectations will draw in more Android clients to iOS.

Furthermore, it probably works somewhat, numerous Android clients essentially see iOS as excessively limited will in any case won’t change to the stage regardless of whether iPhone became less expensive than Android telephones.

All in all, the two iOS and Android have their own solidarity and shortcomings and the choice in regards to which one is best for you is your choice to make.

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